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Timber Frames

Building With Frames design, engineer and fabricate open panel timber frames, closed panel timber frames and infill timber frame panels, depending on the project requirements.

We can also provide stick build on site framing packages for difficult site locations and on site timber frame kits for small developers.

Oak Frame

It is now fairly common practice to clad Oak Frames with SIPS (structural insulated panels). Building With Frames have experience and expertise in both sectors of the industry. This is a fairly unique position for a company to be able to combine the engineering, design, fabrication, delivery and erection of all the Oak Frame components and the SIPS cladding system.

We have the expertise and skills for the traditional hand crafted Oak Frame, combined with the ability to create modern contemporary machined building structures.

Many of our projects include complex glulam, post and beam framing which have enabled us to develop those engineering techniques, fabrication skills and supply chain links.

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