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Main Products
  • Open and closed panel timber frame
  • SIP wall panels (Ranging from 100 mm to 252 mm thick)
  • SIP roof panels (Ranging from 100 mm to 252 mm thick)
  • Web joist flooring systems
  • TJI joist flooring systems
  • Engineered timber beams and frames
  • Cut and trussed roof systems
  • Insulated floating floors
  • Cladding
Main Products
  • Larch
  • Cedar
  • Thermowood

We also supply insect mesh and fixings to complete your cladding project.

List of cladding profiles available.

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Windows & Doors

Building with Frames are distributors in the Southwest for Rationel, leading suppliers of energy efficient, prime quality high thermal performance windows and doors. From classic timber or timber with external aluminium cladding to prize winning triple glazed options. A wide variety of colour and styles are available and all their products are designed for performance and functionality complimenting almost any build or architectural style.

Please click to view more information on Rationel windows and doors

(mechanical ventilation with heat recovery)

Thermally efficient homes are well insulated and airtight. This requires the changing of air through natural ventilation or mechanical ventilation methods. To take advantage of the heat created within the home, many clients choose MVHR which recovers the heat, whilst changing the air.

building with frames
Timber Cladding & Render Carriers

Whether you choose a SIPS (structural insulated panel system) for your frame or your roof you will need to protect it with an approved rain screen cladding system. Traditionally this would have been an outer leaf of block work or brickwork, but many of our clients are looking for quick modern methods of construction such as; render boarding, timber cladding and combinations of both.

Floor Systems

At BWF we have built good working relationships with our suppliers and our joists are supplied by ‘Boise Cascade’ through Crown timber. Crown provide excellent support services to assist our design team to produce complex floor, roof and wall systems. Whilst proving to be an excellent squeak free and solid feel flooring system the I joists can also be used to produce walling systems for pumped insulations, such as excel fibre recycled newspaper (warmcell).

Suppliers / Partners
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